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Make the home better: employee birthday party-happy work, passionate life
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Foreword: In this hot summer season, in this beautiful afternoon, at this moment of gathering, we ushered in the second birthday party of Deming in 2020! This birthday party is for family members who celebrate their birthdays from August to September.

Birthday is a special day for everyone
Different people have different interpretations of its meaning
But the same is that they are accompanied by a deep love~

In this wonderful time
Deming ushered in staff birthday party from August to September
The birthday stars get together to celebrate their birthdays
Cheers and laughter filled every corner
Make us feel the bursts of family warmth

We will start our second birthday party this year at 4pm on August 29
Laughter, warmth and happiness

At the birthday party, when the melodious birthday song rang, the candlelight reflected the happy smiling faces of the Deming family. Everyone gathers together, eats cakes, gives gifts, and offers the most sincere blessings
Let's light the birthday candles
Sing the birthday hymn
Let the birthday stars make a wish for the coming of the new year in singing
And send our best wishes
Happy birthday to you!

Meet you on an important day
I hope every family member is happy
In the Deming family
We fight side by side and share happiness together
May we always run together like family,
Grow together!

We are family

Birthday will bring everyone closer
On the road of struggle, we share joys and sorrows
Use love to create a warm and harmonious Deming

Let's share the sweet and happy birthday
Share the beauty of life blooming
I wish the birthday stars peace and safety every year and forever young,
And wish the birthday stars every success in work and life
Good prospects, good luck
Believe in our singing and laughter
Will accompany you to an unforgettable birthday party
Deming is more brilliant because of you
You are more brilliant because of Deming
We will be better in the future
Happy birthday to all the birthday stars
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